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Wave Office Screens

The unique feature of this screen is the strong magnets on each screen which allows the screens to be held (linked) together.

curvy partitionVW1680 Higher Rescurvy partition1

Very easy to assemble into unique patterns:

  • Create a full circle
  • Half circle
  • ‘S’ pattern
  • Extended ‘long ‘wave
  • Each screen measures approx. 1603 H x 806 W x 400mm
  • The 400mm is the ‘depth’ of the legs on the ground
  • Featuring a bronze tinted & ribbed translucent acrylic
  • Can be ‘stacked’ when not is use
  • Create a unique screen solution in seconds (really!)
  • Each screen has built in ‘super strong’ magnets that join panels together
  • No fiddly screws or connecting pieces
  • Just ‘click’ together
  • Ideal for privacy without being visually obstructive

Bronze acrylic Screen

Wave-Screen-Bronze Acrylic

When viewed at an angle the bronze acrylic enhances privacy
When viewed front on.. the screen offers diffused privacy
Ideal for…

  • Real estate offices
  • Showrooms – create a quiet discussion area
  • Libraries
  • Open plan offices – for ‘break out’ zones
  • Hotels for private functions
  • Restaurants to create a quick ‘VIP’ area
  • Schools – for quiet learning or ‘Special Ed’ areas
  • Trade shows …

These are a very affordable option when considering office screens.
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